Doris Stokes – A new musical

Doris has a gift.

In Lancaster, 1966: she’s a down-to-Earth, matter-of-fact, plain-speaking Nurse on a “mental ward”.

By 1980, she’s a world famous medium, the housewife’s clairvoyant.

She’s filled the Albert Hall and the Sydney Opera House
with a simple, comforting message:

“You can’t die, not for the life of you”.

But how does she know?

Written by James Burn, directed by Christian Durham, with musical direction by Ben Cox, this is the first outing of this based-on-a-true-story show about the iconic and controversial British spiritualist and professional medium…

Cast includes: Julie Armstrong, Gareth Snook, Christine Meehan, Ricky Butt, Nigel Richards, Sam Lupton, and John Barr.